Orwell’s Paris, a guided walk

The first Orwell in Paris Walks started in May 2015.  The tour takes you to places associated with George Orwell in Paris, and with the people that he knew.  You will learn how much of a claim
Paris has to be closely associated with this great writer, and prepare to be surprised!
The guide (click here for more detail)  is a Paris resident with considerable knowledge of the author and the context of the time he spent in the city.
For more information about George Orwell, click here.   Find who he was, why his writing is as significant now as it ever was, and the significance of Paris to him and his development, and links to more detailed information from experts about him and to see his writing online.  
For a list of his books, with their English and French titles, click here. The tour is in English.

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There were particular reasons for Orwell to be in Paris, and to feel so close connected to it. There were particular influences evident in his writing of Paris, and the people he met.  It was far more important than is commonly appreciated.   More….

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