About Orwell, the man, his writing, and Paris

The George Orwell in Paris Walks  aim to promote knowledge of the importance of Paris to the writer, a towering figure of Twentieth Century literature.  He is sometimes described as one of the greats (if not the greatest) English writer of the century.   But, in truth, he no longer belongs, to anywhere in particular – what he wrote resonates everywhere today like few writers.

And yet Paris provided a very important part of his life and what he learnt, observed, absorbed, as well as what he wrote while in the city, is not to be underestimated.

The walk will take you to places connected to George Orwell, and his friends, family and associated intellectuals and writers.  You will see how important his time and connections in Paris were to the  development of his ideas.  You will be surprised at how much there is to be known.   You will see that Orwell’s book Down and Out in Paris and London is far from being the only thing that associates him with Paris.

Did you know, for your instance, that the first piece that Orwell wrote for which he was paid professionally was published in Paris, and in French ?  Or that his translator of Down and Out wrote to him that his French was so good and without a trace of Englishness that he, the translator, would only write to him in English when he felt the need to practise…!

For more information, you will find here on these pages
*    a list of some of his most  important works
*    a chronology of his life
*    a selection of quotations from his writing

For authoritative information you should visit:
+      The Orwell Prize
+      The Orwell Society
There are many other good sources of information besides these.

Please send any comments, ideas and suggestions to the email address georgeorwellinparis@gmail.com or the link on the home page or in a comment on the blog


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