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Our guide on the walks

Our guide, Richard Hallmark, who lives in Paris over the last decade has pursued his prior interest in Orwell for a good number of years. He founded the first George Orwell Festival, in Letchworth and Wallington, which was received enthusiastically, in 2011 and 2012, and then moved to Paris where he continues his interest researching into Orwell’s connections and activities in France.
A book is in preparation. Despite the vast amount that has been written about Orwell, there is still something important to be said.

He is also a member of the Orwell Society.

And who are the walkers – who has been interested to walk the walk “George Orwell in Paris” ?

Walkers have been locals living in Paris, both French and of other nationalities, and people from other countries staying in Paris temporarily, as resident or visitors, from around the globe, including Australia, China, France, Ireland, United Kingdom, United States ….

Not to mention journalists, writers (including some who have published authoritative books about George Orwell), teachers, student (mid-teens upward). The walk lasts around 2 to 2 and a half hours, but at a gentle pace, and numerous stops to look, listen, ask, enjoy a reading of an extract…
so a reasonable level of mobility is required. No steps except the usual street kerbs have to be negotiated, but some of the roads are on quite steep incline.

The language of the walk is English, though some assistance may be given to French speakers.
Upon prior request some material and some readings may be given in French.


News and comments

… Learned a lot this morning. Thanks so much. (Journalist on leading international newspaper)

… Your Tour on Orwell has been passionating …

… merci pour cette érudite promenade sur les pas d’Orwell …

2018 The Orwell Society report:
… our group of ten members of the Orwell Society, seem so interested in the explanations that we stay in silence listening to Richard, talking at times among us, just to jump late again in our thoughts watching the beauty of these calm streets, on this Saturday morning …
… In the train, I recalled the lively explanations of Richard Hallmark who helped me to understand better this hidden city behind the apparent façade of Paris. A route of narrow streets, writers and misery that marked the path of Orwell. From Paris to London, he was a European writer, engaged with what happened in Europe, who left behind almost everything, except his wife Eileen, to come to fight to the Spanish civil war. The departure point was also an old Parisian train station. The route Paris-London has strong ties between us.

The Orwell Society report:
… An excerpt of Orwell’s moving prose about the death of patient Numéro 57 was read aloud by his son, Richard Blair, and a hush of humility momentarily overcame our small group as, standing in the cold Paris drizzle and absorbing Orwell’s words, we were all likely meditating on our own mortality while gazing at the historic Hôpital X

The Orwell Society report:
… thank you to our guides Michael King and Richard Hallmark for placing Orwell so well within his milieu.

[The Orwell Society have sponsored 3 walks, and more booked!
“The committee after our Paris trip approved giving you full support so happy for this to be repeated as required.” OS Hon Sec.]

Some comments received after the first walk:

The walk was terrific.”

“I did enjoy your tour….. I like your George Orwell in Paris website page and shared it on my Facebook page.  For sure I would love to receive emails about the future events and sincerely appreciate the effort you make to honor George Orwell.”

“…. thank you again for a wonderfully informative walk..
and good’craic as the Irish say…
I am busy at present with more guests staying and I am leaving in 10dsys for Sydney…away for a month.
I would love to go on more walks and will fwd the info to friends would definitely be interested.”