The next George Orwell Walk in Paris

With the coronavirus “situation” there will not be a walk planned for the time being.
We will out a note here when it appears to be in order to resume… Sorry to disappoint.
The last walk was on Saturday 29 February. We had a walk on the 9 February, which despite a cold windy day gave people what they wanted:
“Thank you very much for this morning’s tour – we all three much enjoyed it and it was a great introduction to George Orwell … the stories of Orwell in Paris and she also enjoyed walking around the quartier Latin without hordes of tourists getting in the way …”
“Learned a lot this morning. Thanks so much… Just tweeted your next tour – good luck with it.”

More tours will be organised from time to time through the year.

To find out when the next George Orwell in Paris Guided Walk will take place you should send an email – use the contact form or click here to send an email.   Places on each walk are limited to just a few people at a time.  This makes it more agreeable for all concerned.

If you want to have a walk organised for your private group, please write, indicating when you would like this to be, even approximately, how many people would be in the group, and some information about the group (if members of a society, or school, for instance, what primary language(s) are spoken if not English.)

When you sign up to join the walk, and are allocated a place, details of where to meet and other useful information will be emailed to you.

The walk will be conducted in English.  Allowance can be made for less advanced levels of proficiency in English if required.

You do not need to have read any of Orwell’s writings before the walk.  You might enjoy doing so, and in particular reference will be made to people and places in Down and Out in Paris in London.   But not only to that book.  There are associations with friends, family and colleagues, events and movements that inspired, and in some cases appalled, him.  Some places are much as he remembered them, although often now “gentrified” in ways that would have brought his scorn.  Some things you will be invited to imagine how they would have been.  And that is something he would have approved of…

To book a place on the walk – book now because places are strictly limited –
use the contact form or click here to send an email with your contact details, name and email address (essential),  and mobile phone number may help, and your location (city/country if not Paris/France) and first language if not English or French would be of interest.

For more background info, click here…..


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